1. Open the file that you want to share with other users.

2. Click on Share button from the toolbar or siderbar (user plus icon next to Who has access text) which will open a popup.

3. If you are admin or have enabled “role based sharing for all users”, you will see 3 options.

a. Single User: To share the file with a single user entering his/her email address.
b. Users with Role: To share the file with users that have a specific role like subscriber, author etc. (supports custom roles too)
c. All Users: To share the file with all users on the site.

4. Select one of the above 3 options. There are 2 access levels when sharing a file.

a. View Only Access: To allow the users to be able to only view the file, download and add a comment.
b. Full Access: To give users full control to view, rename, share, and delete the file.

5. Click Allow Access button.

6. The popup will close on success. You can see the added users on the right sidebar with their access level to the folder.

7. To remove a user’s access from a shared file, click on remove icon (next to the username) on the sidebar.