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Plugin Installation

How to Install and Activate Plugin on a WordPress Website.

License Key

How to Activate your License key and Reset your domain if key is lost.

Configure Plugin

How to Configure Plugin settings from WordPress dashboard .

Appearance Customizer

How to Customize Color, Thumbnails and Appearance of Dashboard.

All Shortcodes

How to make use of all shortcodes explained in details.

User Login Form

customization of the login form when the user is not logged in.

Frontend Dashboard

How to use frontend file manager that offer all features.

Private Files & Folders

How to Manage Files and Folder from Frontend Dashboard.

Public Files & Folder

Public files section on Front-end and Back-end Dashboard

Sharing and Access Levels

How to use View Only Access, View and Upload, Full Access.


Backend File Manager

How to manage file and folders as a site administrator.

Translate Plugin

How to Translate User Private Files Plugin to other Languages


Frequently Asked Questions

Change Log

Feature Improvements List

Addon (Coming Soon)

Google Drive, Custom Field, Text Editor