Developer License



  • Latest version of User Private Files PRO
  • One Time Payment Only
  • Lifetime Updates
  • 10 Domains




  • * New Feature – Uploader only shortcode ([upf_upload]) added.
  • * New Feature – All Files display shortcode ([upf_display]) added.
  • * New Feature – Frontend Notifications for users.
  • * New Feature – Enable/disable frontend notifications.
  • * New Feature – Google Drive Integration (beta version).
  • * New Feature – Login form when user is not logged in.
  • * New Feature – Customizer to change options for login form.
  • * New Feature – Customizer to adjust colors of buttons and icons.
  • * New Feature – Customizer to set custom thumbnails for file types.
  • * New Feature – Layout update for backend settings.
  • * New Feature – Hide Search for particular user roles.
  • * New Feature – Hide Filters for particular user roles.
  • * New Feature – Hide New Folder button for particular user roles.
  • * New Feature – List View of files and folders.
  • * New Feature – Collapsible Side panels.
  • Enable/Disable Sorting of the files and folders on the frontend.
  • Set Access Level when sharing a folders and files.
  • Ability to upload and manage files within shared-with-me folder if full access given.
  • Bulk select files for actions like delete, move and restore.
  • Allow your site users to upload their private files.
  • Users can share their files with other users by using their email address or username.
  • Simply convert your website to a file sharing hosting.
  • Users can remove the allowed users anytime they want.
  • Easy to setup for administrator and easy to use for users.
  • Front-end dashboard to allow users upload and manage their files and folders.
  • Full control over uploaded files to site administrator.
  • Bulk Upload Files.
  • Option to enable/disable file uploading for users based on their roles.
  • Email notification when a file / folder is shared with someone.
  • Translation Ready
  • Folders/Directory system – Users can Create / Rename / Delete / Share folders
  • Users can upload / move files within different folders
  • Share files with all users or users with a specific role
  • Comments – Users can comment on shared files
  • Trash folder functionality
  • Interactive Dropbox like design
  • Search for files and folders