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The easiest way to Upload and Share Files with your users. Optionally, allow them to upload and share their files too.

Dashboard - Frontend File Manager

User Private Files PRO Plugin Feature

The plugin will add a file sharing functionality on your WordPress website. Your site users will be able to login and upload their files and manage the access to those files.

File's Privacy

Allow your site users to upload their private files without public access. Users can remove the allowed users anytime they want.

Folder Management

Users can Create/Rename/Delete folders and folders within folders. Users can upload/move files within different folders.

Front-end Dashboard

Simple and user friendly dashboard allow user to manages files and folders. Search, Rename, Delete and Share files. Add Notes to files.

Share with Other

Users can share their files with other users by using their email addresses.

Admin Control

Full control over all files. Admin can share files to all users and option to excluding a user

Role based Sharing

Option for admin to share files with all users or users with a specific role

Email Notifications

When a file/folder shared, User will get notification via email.

File Types

Preview support for images, videos, zip and pdf file type added.

Translation Ready

Plugin support most International languages. Easy to configure for any other languages.


Users can add comment on private and shared files.

Trash & Restore

User can trash files/folders and recover to same location


Search for files and folders within own folders or shared folders.

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Everything you need to manage your private files online with WordPress

Perfect File Hosting

Simply convert your website to a file sharing hosting.
Your site users will be able to login and upload their files and folders with restricted access.
Users will be able to manage their files, add a title and note to the uploaded files. They can also rename and delete their uploaded files. Filter to group files by their type.
Site administrator can view all the files from the WP media library and will have the full control over them.

Share with Privacy Control

This plugin will add a file sharing functionality on your WordPress website.
Users can add/remove other users from their files by their email addresses. Only the allowed users will be able to view/download those files and unauthentic users will see a permission denied error message (even if they have direct URL to the file).

Users will have full control over the access to their uploaded files all the time. They can add or remove other users anytime with their email addresses.

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