1. After you upload a file, click on it that will open it’s preview.

2. Click Rename from the toolbar or right sidebar (pencil icon next to Document Name). On the popup, change the name and click Save button.

3. To change the description, click pencil icon next to the Description on the right sidebar. Enter description and click Save.

4. To download the file to your computer, click Download button from the toolbar.

5. To move the file to another folder, click “Move To” button from the toolbar which will open a popup.
Select the folder and click Move. You can select “All Files” to move a file outside of any folder.

6. To add a comment/note on the file, write your comment in the Comment box on the right sidebar and click Add button.

7. To delete the file, click the “Delete” button from the toolbar and click Delete on the confirmation popup.
This will move the file into the Trash folder.

8. To permanently delete the file, go to trash and open the file and click “Permanent Delete”.
Confirm deletion and the file will be deleted permanently.