1. Create a new page or edit your page where you want to display file manager section. 2. Create a new shortcode block if you are using a page editor. Paste shortcode. [upf_manager] It will display complete front-end file manager. ( Example ) [upf_upload] If you like to display only Upload Box to your users. ( Example ) [upf_display] If you like to display only Files Gallery to your users. ( Example ) [upf_upload] [upf_display] If you like to display Upload Box & File Gallery on same page. These two shortcodes should be used together. User can uploaded files and see all files below. ( Example ) [upf_selected_files id=”1234″] If you like to show a single file or folder, please use that file/folder id with above shortcode. Multiple files/folder can be clubbed together separated by commas. [upf_selected_files id=”1234, 222, 788, 565, 96, 4556″] File/Folder ids can be located from admin file manager only by selecting a folder/file and shortcode with id can be seen in information section on right side. 3. Click save/publish to save your page. 4. Visit the page on frontend. 5. Voila! Your frontend file manager section is live and ready to use.