General Settings

Enable role based sharing for all users – This allows users to share their uploads with all-users or users based on roles. if you add a user role here it will be enabling its users to share their files with ‘all users’ and ‘role based users’ at once. At front-end dashboard these users will see two more option while sharing a file/folder – ‘Users with Role’ and ‘All Users’.

Note: By default, users can share files by using email address one by one. Only admin is allowed to share files on role basis or to all users at once.

Enable Sorting – This allows users to short items with A-Z and Recently uploaded. Sort icon will appear in Tool bar.
Disable Uploading for – If you want to Disable Uploading for a group of user then add a user-role here and all users with-in this role will not be able to upload files privately.
My-Files section, Upload-Files button and New-Folder button will disappear from front-end dashboard for these users. Only Shared-with-me section will be access-able.
Note: If a folder is shared with Full-Access, these users will be able to Upload files in it.

Notification Settings

Enable Frontend Notification – Enable / Disable font-end notification when a file/folder is shared with someone.
Enable Email Notification – Enable / Disable email notification when a file/folder is shared with someone.
Configure email subject and content as you need. You can use variable {user} which displays username of the user who shared file/folder. Email content also supports html code so that you can format it as you want.
At last, Click Save to save your changes.
Next, we will create a new page and access file manager on frontend.