1. Enable role based sharing for all users – This allows all users to share their uploaded with all users or users based on roles.
By default, users can share files with email address one by one. Only admin is allowed to share files on role basis or to all users at once.
Enabling this will allow all users share their files with all users and role based users at once.

2. Disable Uploading for – Select the roles that you want to disable uploading for. These users will only see the “Shared with me” section
on frontend.

3. Email Notification – Enable / Disable email notification when a file/folder is shared with someone.

4. Configure email subject and content as you need. You can use variable {user} which displays username of the user who shared file/folder.
Email content also supports html code so that you can format it as you want.

5. At last, Click Save to save your changes.

6. Next, we will create a new page and access file manager on frontend.